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Transliteration’mhrspnd | M (’)mhr’spnd  
Pahlavi : ﻍﻢﮊﺽﺪﻓﻞﺍﺉ
Meaning in Englishn. 'a Beneficent Immortal'
Meaning In Persian : امشاسپند، بی مرگ مقدس

 References Found For  ﻍﻢﮊﺽﺪﻓﻞﺍﺉ
Bundahišn (Bd.)

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Chapter Three [1] [7]
Chapter 6D [1]
Chapter 28 [4]
Dādestān ī Mēnōy ī Xrad (MX)

Kassock, Z. (2013). Dādestān ī Mēnōg ī Xrad. A Pahlavi Student’s Guide

Chapter Two [34]

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