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Our team

Project Founder, Director and Editor

 Amir Zamani  (Project Founder, Director and Editor)

 Leiden PhD student of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics


 Milad Abedi  (Editor)

  PhD candidate in comparative linguistics, University of Zurich

Scientific Supporters

 Alexander Lubotsky

  Professor of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Universiteit Leiden)

 William W Malandra

  Professor emeritus University of Minnesota

 Prods Oktor Skjaervo

  Aga Khan Professor of Iranian Studies

 Zeke Kassock

  Zeke Joseph Vincent Kassock, B.A. in Linguistics & Middle Eastern Languages

Technical Team

 Behnam Khataei (Web Technician)

  Computer programmer and Electronic circuit designer


 Mahya Alikhani (Graphic Designer)

  Master student of Persian literature and Graphic Designer

 Bahareh Salehi (Graphic Executor)

  Master of computer sciences(Software) and Graphic executor

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