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Pahlavica Journal

Pahlavica Journal


Instructions for contributors

Please note that “Pahlavica” is an online peer-reviewed scholarly journal which is published biannually and welcomes submissions from all around the world to help expand knowledge in ancient and modern languages of Iran.

All submissions are to be submitted to

Prior to submission, please consult the Instructions below:

Pahlavica has a double-blind review process and papers will be sent to more than one expert;

Note: Each submission will result in one of these categories: approved, rejected or needs revision.

Pahlavica Policy

  • 1- The language of submission and publication is English.
  • 2- Only “Research Papers” should be submitted for consideration for publication.
  • 3- The “Pahlavica Journal” is concerned with all Iranian Languages, including: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Iranian, Avestan, Old Persian, Parthian, Sogdian, Pahlavi (all middle Iranian languages), Dari, New Persian and new Iranian dialects. Other topics include Phonetics and phonology of ancient languages of Iran.
  • 4- Language Contact is of great importance, therefore Babylonian, Elamite, Aramaic, Turkic languages and Tocharian are given preferences.

Submission Guideline

  1. The article must be an original publication and has not been published or submitted elsewhere.
  2. Only MS Document format is accepted.
  3. The text is double-spaced. Please use 12 point font and for the titles 12 Bold.
  4. Use “Times New Roman” everywhere.
  5. Leave 3cm margins on all four sides of all the pages. The first line of new paragraph is indented.
  6. Either British or American spellings or expressions should be chosen for consistency, except in “direct quotations”.
  7. A paper with a lot of typos which is typed carelessly will be rejected.
  8. Abbreviations should be listed before the bibliography.
  9. In the “Summary” section, it should be mentioned what is new about your study.
  10. APA indexing.
  11. Papers submitted should not contain more than two authors.
  12. Cite all relevant references.
  13. Do not submit the same or similar articles to any other journal.
  14. Please provide bio, affiliation and email contact of the author and co-author.
  15. There is no limit; therefor papers of any pages are welcome.
  16. Please insert page number at the bottom center of every page
  17. Figures must be provided in a single zip archive and at a high resolution (minimum 1000 pixels width/height, or a resolution of 300 dpi or higher).


At the end of the paper, the literature is to be arranged in alphabetical order. In the case of having the same author, please put them in chronological order.

In the text references

References in the texts must be cited as mentioning the last name of the author, the year and the page number after a colon (:), e.g. (Henkelman 2008: 223). If there were two authors, both should be mentioned.

  • Advisory Board

    • Alberto Cantera Glera (FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN)
    • Almut Hintze (SOAS, University of London)
    • Yishai Kiel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    • Alexander Lubotsky (Universiteit Leiden)
    • William Malandra (University of Minnesota)
    • Golnaz Modarresi Ghavami (Allameh Tabataba’i University)
    • Mojtaba Monshizadeh (Allameh Tabataba’i University)
    • Celine Redard (SOAS, University of London)
    • Rüdiger Schmitt (Saarland University)
    • Shaul Shaked (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    • Nicholas Sims-Williams (SOAS, University of London)



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