An Encyclopedia for Middle Persian from PIE to New Persian (Dialects)
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Encyclopedia Pahlavica
 1398/09/17 00:45:07

After Three years of hard work trying to launch Pahlavica, now the time has come.

An Encyclopedia for Middle Persian from PIE/PIIr./PIr. to New Persian (Dialects)



An Encyclopedia for Middle Persian from PIE to New Persian (Dialects)
“PAHLAVICA” Project is an online Zoroastrian Middle Persian Glossary which contains almost the entire corpora of the language plus etymological analysis from Proto-Indo-European onward.

 Moreover, after searching a word its references will be shown which by clicking on them all the texts (complete sentences) containing the word(s) will be shown in Pahlavi, Transcription and English translation.

This phase of Pahlavica contains over 5000 words plus the possible etymological reconstructions.
Phase 1.1 does contain following texts in Pahlavi, transcription and English translation:

 the great Iranian Bundahišn, Ardā Wirāz-nāmag, Kār-nāmag ī Ardašīr ī Pābagān, Dādestān ī Mēnōy ī Xrad(All the texts and Codices in Pahlavi are uploaded in a searchable format.You can search in Pahlavica by entering Pahlavi Script, Transcription, Transliteration, plus German, English, Persian and Dutch or PIE, PIIr. and PIr.

Therefore, if you may see any error and inconsistency please let us know.



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