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 PhD Defence

Contributions to the Computational Processing of Diachronic Linguistic Corpora
Evandro Landulfo Teixeira P Cunha


   5/25/2020 12:21:38 PM

Leiden Translation Talk 26 May: When it comes to revising subtitles… From practice to theory and back again


   5/25/2020 12:19:22 PM
 Leiden Summer School was canceled due to the Coronavirus

Summer School in Languages and Linguistics

   4/1/2020 1:30:02 PM
 HayaSSA Hiking Summer School of Armenology

What is HayaSSA?

The Hiking Summer School of Armenology (HayaSSA) is an annual two-week set of tours accompanied by an intensive lecture series on the foremost issues in Armenian language and history, organized for around 25-30 students and young researchers.


   2/27/2020 8:53:22 PM

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